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Automate Your Monitoring

Manually checking your websites & applications every day is time-consuming, inconvenient and tedious.

Let RouterBee do the work for you.

RouterBee proactively monitors the uptime and security of your IPv4/IPv6 enabled websites as often as every minute, automatically, using the following protocols: HTTP, HEAD, TCP, DNS, SSH, PING and PUSH.

Oversee Complex Infrastructure Easily

Is your infrastructure comprised of a many different components or websites? RouterBee will monitor all of them.

Do you manage websites and applications – be it for yourself or for an organization or client? You need a powerful website monitoring solution with features such as uptime monitoring, SSL monitoring, domain monitoring, keyword-on-page checking, and virus scanning.

Are you an IT consultant, network admin, ISP, ISV, Web developer, or Web designer? Don’t let a website’s substandard availability and unmanaged security & certificates overshadow your hard work. Gain complete visibility of your websites & IT systems – from anywhere – whether you’re at home or in the office – with RouterBee’s cloud based monitoring.

RouterBee gives you complete visibility over your IT stack from one easy-to-use intuitive dashboard. View key data on all your websites & applications, side by side, with real time views, interactive charts, and graphical reports over any time period.

All the time, every day.

Sooner or Later Something Will Go Down, And You Know It

How would you like to find out that a website you own or manage went down? Would you like to see an alert on your phone the minute something happens, or would you like your boss or one of your customers or clients to tell you?

Things fail all the time, but hearing about downtime from a boss, user or client can be embarrassing.

That’s why RouterBee gives you customizable SMS, and email alerts & push notifications on your phone. Whenever something goes down, we’ll alert the right person for the job – whether that's you, an individual, or a whole team.

You’ll be the first to know & be able to act upon it before anyone else. Each time, every time.

They’ll never even see you sweat.

Let RouterBee do it for you

Whenever something is close to expiring or a security threat is detected, we’ll let you know.

Compared to our competitors we offer more uptime tests and advanced monitoring tests, such as keyword-on-page monitoring & malware scanning for less money. The price you pay today is the pay today is the price you’ll pay forever.


There’s nothing to install, reinstall, or update. Just login and start monitoring.

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