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Uptime Monitoring

The average website crashes once per month. That's why RouterBee continouslyt tests your website and services to make sure everything is online and alerts you the second something goes down.

Believe it or not, nobody's website is up 100% of the time (not even Amazon's).

The industry standard uptime percentage is 99.9%. But if you've never tested or optimized for this, you're likely closer to 95% (meaning 36 hours each month or 432 hours a year where potential customers can't reach you) or even 90%.

Why is this important:

Frequent downtime hurts your brand.

It also hurts your search rankings (if Google crawls your website & finds it unresponsive, all your SEO is useless). That's why we created RouterBee. RouterBee continuously monitors your website & alerts you (or your team) the minute something goes down. That way you increase your uptime percentage & get can everything back up before it hurts your business.

Why this is important:

Each year hundreds of thousands of domains are accidentally dropped or hijacked (and in many cases lost forever). Even companies like Microsoft & Heinz have fallen victim to this in the past due to a failed renewal (in Heinz case, their domain was replaced by pornography). RouterBee will make sure your business or brand never experiences a DNS drop.

SSL Monitoring

We make sure you never miss an SSL renewal again & that your visitors never get an error message telling them your site is unsafe because of invalid or unsafe SSL certificates.

Why this is important:

Losing or having your SSL certificate expire can not only impact SEO (aka your search rankings), it can cause your visitors to get a browser message telling them your website is unsafe or unsecured. Keep track of SSL status is especially important if you site has a checkout system as losing it can stop all sales transactions in their tracks (causing your would-be buyers to seek out your competition instead).

Keyword on Page Checking

RouterBee continuously monitors the content on your site to make sure your website hasn't been tampered with or hacked & that it isn't redirecting visitors elsewhere.

Why this is important:

Keyword on page checking is the most reliable way to find out if something went wrong. If a word is suddenly detected as no longer present, meaning it;s no longer on the page, be sure to investigate IMMEDIATELY as this can be a sign your website got hacked or is redirecting your visitors somewhere else. Keyword on page checking is the #1 feature overlooked by virtually all uptime monitoring software.

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